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GiGwi Thailand

Barks and Bites started as a hobbie before becoming a passion, we are two hoteliers that decided to change our path and concentrate in the pets sector after seeing the extraordinary quality of the GiGwi products; in agreement with GiGwi Hong Kong Headquarters, we decided to re-introduce this extraordinary toys in Thailand that are recreative, educational and with a purpose.

The joy and satisfaction of seeing pet owners with their furry friends is extremely rewarding for us. We want as many people as possible to feel the way we do, therefore we work closely with GiGwi Hong Kong to keep our prices always reasonable, working always with pride, fairness and integrity. Being owners of two bulldogs we dog owners, understand the passion, love and care you all feel for your furry friends.

From supplies, to cute accessories, to recommendations, we are here to help you, GiGwi Thailand by Barks and Bites has it all.

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